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Manila folder upon which is written “Love letters written by Winslow Russell to Eva Bullock Russell + Family (1900-1928). Traveled for Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company.” The folder contains around 38 letters written between members of the family, although most are from Winslow to his wife and children. A majority of the letters are written on stationery that Winslow got during his travels, as they contain letterheads for several different hotels. Throughout the letters, it is clear how much Winslow loved and missed his family during his travel. Likewise, the letters from family members to Winslow show just how much love there was in this family. Most of the letters are in good shape; some have been laminated, taped up, or stuck to adhesive pages, and there are some sticky pages. They appear to have been removed from an album at some point. There are 2 black and white photos in the folder, measuring 7 x 5” and 10 x 8” respectively: one features a kitten, while the other is a copy of a photo from 1907 and features the Russell Family in Nantucket.

Sample letter:
Letter from Winslow to family (October 23, 1905, 7:30PM)
“My dear ones:
Another day gone and I expect about 36 hours more will land me home with you again. I went to bed early last night but as I was going to my room looked about through the halls and said to myself, ‘Gee what a fire trap” and went bed glad that my room was the fire escape room. About 5.30 this morning I must have been half awake for everything happened all at once, and I heard someone in the hall say “For God’s sake help me wake these people up, the whole damn kitchen is on fire.” At the same time the fire alarm near began to clang, and doors began to bang, and I smelled smoke. Yes, I hurried, but knowing the fire escape was handy I dressed quickly, but without cologne or shaving and piling things into my bag went down the three flights through a pretty thick smoke, with a band of crying undressed women and crazy men. We were surrounded by fire apparatus before I got to the street, and I watched them, and in about an hour went back & completed my toilet.
Here after fire proof hotels or fire escape at my window as here.
The kitchen & stove room were damaged some but it wasn’t a bad fire though smoky.
Have had a strenuous afternoon with Smith’s bondsmen in which there has been some [illegible] on both sides but I finally got it settled.
Mr. Rowlings is here and his man will be here in the morning. I expect to leave on the Hordock tomorrow afternoon & reach New York at 9.25 & will stop at the Manhattan probably taking the 8 o’clock train Wednesday AM for home. Should be there about 11.
Got yesterday’s letter about 4 this PM & was glad to hear from you, too.

Letter from Winslow to Eva (1926)
“My dearie:
Why not have a little love letter from the old man 33 years later. I sent one on the wire and here’s another. The real love I feel for you after 33 years can’t be put into a wire or a letter. It has to be shown!! If I’m not showing it to you in more ways than one, than us are both very dumb. …….

Letter from Edna to Daddy (July 10, 1921)
“My Dearest Daddy
In the 14 yr. 3mo. 20 da. that I have had you as my father I now know that no one ever born in the great U.S.A. has had a sweeter Daddy than you have been for me.
I hope and trust there will be 50 more of these wonderful years for you and I want to wish you the happiest birthday on July 10, 1921 that anyone could ever wish for their Daddy.
50 hugs and kisses at 7:30 to-morrow A.M.
Your youngest girlies, Edna”

Letter from Eddy to Mother and Dad (December 4, 1926)
“Dear Mother and Dad,
Here I am again and I know that I have not been writing very often, but I’ve been thinking of you a whole lot.
Did Dad hear that the George W. Murray, whom I asked about when I was home, died last night. I have been with Margery Murray, his daughter here, a great deal and was with her last Tuesday morning when she got a telegram telling her to come home at once. She could not get a train until 11:00AM. so I was with her from 8:00 to 11:00—helping her pack and distracting her mind. - It surely was awfully hard for her and almost as much so for me, but I controlled myself perfectly until my day was over! I had to be excused from my classes, from reciting also. Then, we heard that he had been unconscious since she arrived at home and died last night. She, Marge, has one married sister and one unmarried one 20 years old, but Marge was her Father’s favorite. She realized the last minute that she didn’t have money enough so I gave her the $10 you gave me the last minute—which she said she would send back—but I’m not thinking of that now it is so sad. Miss Bailey prayed for her in chapel this morning and we nearly wept-to-death! It is just awful—and that awful news came on the same day that your letter came, Mother about next year and I wept over that for about 2 days—that’s why I haven’t written!! Why did you say that “if you will promise not to be married next year.” Do you think I am crazy—in the first place I am not 21 yet and my $, couldn’t support me. You see we have both used our heads more than you may realize.
We have just been to a wonderful concert by a young Metropolitan opera singer. She was perfectly adorable and sang beautifully! I was tickled by Ev’s picture. She looks pretty good, I think—although I wish she hadn’t cut it!—one week from Thursday and I’ll be home again. The sooner the better!
Loads of love,

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