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6 x 9” top spiral notepad from National Blank Book Co. filled with love letters. The love letters are written from Jim to Kelly, who seem to be a couple about to get married, from November 1976 to February 1977. Some of the letters have prompts, such as how Jim feels about buying a house with Kelly, what makes her sexy, how he feels when she gets her period, and their experiences playing racquetball together. The letters offer a fascinating and often touching glimpse into a small period of time in the life of this couple. Jim’s love for Kelly is clear throughout the carefully handwritten letters. The notepad is partially filled with neat handwriting on the front and back of about half of the pages.

A few examples of the notes include:

What do I like about you. HDTMMF


Hello you -

Today has been a good day. I think we’re going to the Gaslight tonight and feel very bad that you won’t be there with me. I’ve thought of you a lot today, and I know we’re getting back on the right track.

What I like best about you is your spirit. You are an indominable person, and you never give up. You may be thinking that you had during the last 2 years, but it’s obvious to me that you hadn’t. You were faced w/ that worst of all situations—no challenge—and still you’ve come back. I know you as a high -pirited person w/ her own values, who will never give them up.

This makes me feel proud, like a person who can ride a racehorse that no one else could tame. The riding does not mean I’ve dominated—but it’s a mutual respect come by, so that the horse lets me ride it because I’m me, special. It makes me feel special & singled out. I suppose you feel the same way when waiting for me to come up after beating Barry Wilham at racquetball, or how you feel while watching me do something you were proud of.

It makes me see my own worth thru you, and it makes me feel taller and better. It’s an excited happy glow—Christmassy and proud. The color is gold, and the texture is smooth, shiney metal. The smell is perfume and the sound is cheers. I feel—always—as if I have been given an award which I will be given again and again forever.

I always feel that way about you Kelly—tho I’m sure I show it almost never. I’m so proud that you are my wife.

All my love,


WAMF when you’re getting your period?


Hi Hon -

For some reason, today was a day of hassles & rushing. I haven’t paused for a moment. I feel very jitsy & distracted, and look forward to coming home w/ you.

I feel a bit nervous when you’re getting your period. It’s also a helpless feeling, like someone waiting for an accident to occur (knowing it will occur) and knowing that he can’t do anything to help.

My nervous feeling is like watching a clock, waiting for a bomb to go off. I keep wondering how you are, I worry about you being alone and I plan my day so that I can be in contact—always being sure that someone knows where I am at all times.

The helplessness is worse tho. It’s the knowledge that it will or will not happen regardless of what I do, and I can only sit there, rub your tummy & give you company.

The feeling is like taking care of someone else’s sick baby. Always wondering & not quite knowing what to do & not really being able to do anything—but always looking in.

I love you honey—and when you hurt, I hurt. I only wish I could do more.

All my love,



Hi love—

I’m so happy and excited about us! I feel like jumping around—I feel proud. I love you very much. This has been a good day.

When we’re having a quiet evening at home, I feel peaceful and contented. I feel like a cat, all curled up in a ball. I feel like purring. It feels warm, like honey spreading in my stomache. The sound is soft music, and the smell is wood burning. I feel good, like I belong. I feel like a tree—a young tree—w/ my roots growing, spreading & becoming stronger.

I enjoy being w/ you—having you near w/ your feet in my lap. I feel a nearness, a bond, a closeness w/ you that makes me more aware of our coupleness—our oneness.

I feel a strength too, in us. Like we’re the inhabitants of a strong castle that no one can invade. I would be so lonely w/o you.



WAMFA us being a sign of God’s love in the world?

Dear Kelly—

My feelings are warm and close, like when we are holding each other and feeling a oneness. I feel reassured that everything is not a crazy quilt of chance, but that marriage makes sense and our love makes sense.

It is a reinforcing feeling. I think of our love—our relation, and how other people view us, and I know that it’s like a light on a dark night to others. It is a sign that love can exist. It starts here. I look at you as my blessing, my life. Our love for one another may not be common among all other people between all other people. But it shows that it can be possible—it can be attained.

The feeling is one of being singled out. I feel proud and honored—not like alone on a stage, but like quiet, smiling recognition among friends proud. It’s that glow in the guts sort of feeling that makes you feel like melting. It’s buttercup yellow. If I were a piece of paper, I’d be a treasured love letter—broken in from being read many times, and still treasured.

I love you. If I can say that and feel that, God exists in us, at least between us. It’s like God lives in that zone between us—God is real there. And if others see that—see that sort of love exists, it must help.

Love, Jim.

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