Guest Bloggers

STEVE BANNOS (aka Gargantua on eBoob) has been collecting and dealing Vernacular Photography for over twenty years. What started out as a harmless hobby and a beat up cigar box of old snapshots has turned into irrepressible passion and a ridiculous bottomless pit of snapshots. Steve has a private collection of well over 250 thousand categorized images and stacks of boxes of the "soup" that's left over. When it comes to photo albums, Steve has broken up more families than syphilis. His more stunning images have wound up in books, museums, films, record album covers and collections of other incurable enthusiasts all over the world.

Steve is also an accomplished actor that you've likely seen in some of your favorite TV shows and comedy movies. Steve is also a writer having worked in television, Disney and Nickelodeon animation and a four time Guest Writer on Saturday Night Live. He is also a copywriter in the entertainment field, writing mainly movie trailers and poster taglines.

SARAH BRYAN is a folklorist, fiddler and collector in North Carolina. Her website is and her blog is

DAVID CHOW has been a collector and dealer of antiques and photography for over 20 years. Most notable among his various collections are postmortem photography, and Chinese in America imagery. Images have been published in books and in documentaries. He buys, sells and trades primarily at shows and privately to dealers, collectors and institutions. Photographic inventory covers both 19th and 20th century and covers a diverse range of subject matter; daguerreotypes; postmortems; circus freaks; amusement parks; cats and dogs; nudes and erotica; male and female topical imagery; pictorialism; surreal; modernism; press photos; cinema; 19th century travel; cyanotypes; handcolored; early color, etc. He can be contacted at or He also sells on eBay under the name heliosgallery

MARIANNE CLANCY  - Coming from a large family, my father was documenting every move we made in our 1950s suburb of Detroit. Slides, film, and still photography. This interested me and I begged him for a camera by age 14. While pursuing a Masters degree, focused on painting over photos I printed. I have had my photographs in shows, a museum and most recently a book. I was in open studios for years in California and taught at elementary and college level, hand coloring photos, polaroid transfers and alternative processes. I began collecting vintage photos in my twenties and have not stopped. I also have an extensive glass negative collection. More recently I have been seeking out color images from the 60s. Needing space from what became a mountainous collection of vintage photos, I began selling online, both Etsy and Ebay. I doubt this addiction has any hope of ending. Thrilled to know there are others like me.

JANE WAGGONER DESCHNER has long used found photographic imagery in her work, first making photomontages with magazine clippings, and more recently utilizing orphaned snapshots and other discarded vernacular photographs from the mid-Twentieth Century. Deschner was raised in Kansas and moved to Montana over thirty years ago. She earned her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2002. Recently, she has exhibited in Montana, Oregon, New York, Washington and Montana. Her work is in the collections of the Federal Reserve Banks in Minneapolis and Helena; University of Montana; Montana State University–Billings Foundation; Yellowstone Public Radio; Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, Wyoming; Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Helena; and individuals internationally. "Fiberarts" magazine is including a feature article about her embroidered photographs titled "Deduction, Speculation and Fantasy" in their September/October 2010 issue. New work is on her website


has taken pictures, lived in the darkroom, and taught it at school, for as long as he can remember.  Never as a calling, just a hobby.   In the mid 1980s, he became an antique and folk art dealer and enjoyed life on the road.  He began to see vintage photos, especially snapshots, for what they really were,  a way of telling a story.  He especially like the ones where the photographer intended one message, but actually communicated another, more important, one.  Taken as a whole, these snapshots of the point-and-shoot century capture our culture more powerfully and succinctly than the written word. 

AARON DUARTE  is the co-creator and owner of The Eye of Faith - a website dedicated to an alternative look at all things vintage, as well as your direct source for inspired vintage shopping and musing. The Eye of Faith was created to interest and educate the real deal behind the inspirations that have led us where we are today.  Duarte is also a writer, photographer, painter, and designer. After graduating from High School, he attended Film School at Ryerson University for two years before switching to study Interior Design.  He works with private clients, and has consulted for various design and home decor companies.

J. MOSS EVERGREEN was conceived in the Summer of Love, sired by an aviator, and born out of a cornhusk doll-maker into the American Heartland. He was raised on Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw, but mostly Iowa Hawkeye football (about which the only thing he understands is that when it is happening, his father is either screaming obscenities red-faced or dancing around the living room hooting and cackling). After completing high school, he studied art at really high school.  Then something or other happened for a while. He currently resides with his family in Tokyo. He loves everyone and everything, in photographs.

ORLA FITZPATRICK is a librarian and photo-historian from Dublin, Ireland. She has worked at the National Photographic Archive, Dublin and is currently the Librarian for the National Museum of Ireland. She recently completed her MA thesis on an Irish collage and mixed media photographic album dating from the mid-19th century. Her blog deals with Irish vernacular and ‘found’ photography.

JOHN FOSTER is an avid collector of self-taught art and vernacular photography. In 2005, Art & Antiques magazine named John one of the "Top 100 Collectors" in the United States. John currently serves on the Board of Trustees for SPACES, an organization dedicated to saving and preserving arts and cultural environments; and is an Advisory Board Member of the Folk Art Society of America. John and his wife Teenuh live in St. Louis, Missouri and have two grown children, Hannah and Luke.


MARK GLOVSKY has been a passionate collector of all images photographic for more than three decades.  His interest evolved from taking “street photographs” in 1969 and developed into addictive collecting of vernacular and fine art photographs after he realized that others did it much better.  He sometimes sells photo on ebay as Mbarryg.

CLARE GOLDSMITH has been collecting photos since 1997, and her collection has been shown at Panopticon Gallery in Massachusetts. 

JIM HANELIUS collects photos and occasionally sells them on ebay as Picturethis60.

THOMAS HARRIS is a collector/dealer in New York City

RICHIE HART has been collecting all sorts of different photos for many years.

JEFFERSON HAYMAN is an artist that works within the thems of nostalgia, common symbols and memory. He lives and works in Tappan, New York, a small town located minutes outside of Manhattan and filled with the history of American War of Independenc. From his training and enviornment, Hayman has forged an individual visual sensibility. The photographs themselves are handcrafted silver gelatin, platinum and pigment prints that seem historically timeless, captured with a delicacy of tonality that harks back to the highest traditions of graphic art. The works are then paired with antique or artist made frames which place each piece into the realm of unique statements. His work can be found in many private and public collections, most notably, The Museum of Modern Art, The New York Public LIbrary, The collection of Sir Elton John, and the collection of Robert DeNiro, amongst many others.

ROBERT E. JACKSON has collected snapshots for over eleven years. Other areas of interest are cabinet cards, arcade photographs, and photo-collages from the 1870s through the early decades of the 20th century. In the fall of 2007, his snapshot collection was the subject of a show and catalogue entitled “The Art of the American Snapshot:1888-1978” which was on view at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. for nearly three months. From February 19 thru April 27, 2008, the show travelled to the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. 

JIMMY LEIDERMANN is a 37 year old Photo Historian, who is very passionate about collecting and researching 19th century baseball photography. You can follow him on Twitter @jimmyleiderman. 

JIM LINDERMAN is a Grammy-nominated collector and popular culture historian who edits Dull Tool Dim bulb and Vintage Sleaze the Blog.

BARBARA LEVINE is a collector, artist and dealer specializing in vernacular photography and unusual collections. She is the author of Finding Frida Kahlo, Around The World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums and Snapshot Chronicles: Inventing the American Photo Album (all Princeton Architectural Press). Her website is

NIGEL MAISTER is a theatre director, writer, performer and designer with an deeply unhealthy and financially ruinous passion for photography. He collects an eclectic and diverse range of 19th century photography and 20th century snapshots, as well as a small but growing selection of contemporary work. More about him and his collection can be found at

JOHN NICHOLS John Nichols opened the John Nichols Gallery 25 years ago in downtown Santa Paula. The gallery specializes in vintage, vernacular and contemporary photography. John is one of the founders of the Ag Art Alliance, a member of the Ag Futures Alliance and the Fine Arts Committee of the Museum of Ventura County. He is a cookie judge at the Ventura County Fair and a stage manager at the Monterey Jazz Festival. His book on the St. Francis Dam Disaster was published in 2002. In addition to gallery exhibits he has also designed and curated numerous exhibits for museums around Ventura County. Visit Phone: 805-525-7804 Business Email: (Mail: POB 268) Santa Paula, CA 93061 Facebook: Blog: Snapshots:

SABINE OCKER Sabine has been collecting interesting old stuff since birth, and vintage photography since 1994. Since then, she has amassed a beautiful but unorganized collection of snapshot albums, orotones, cyanotypes, and autochromes. She has spoken about photo history topics at the George Eastman House Photo History Symposium in 2003 and 2011. Her cyanotype collection is featured in a new book on vintage photography collecting called "The Collector's Vision," which will be published by Schiffer Publishing in Fall 2012. She happily lives in an old house by the sea, surrounded by photographs. Contact her at or

KAREN OLDFIELD has collected vintage photography for a couple of decades now, and currently spends much of her free time creating a digital archive of her collection, hoping someday to "catch up" with it - which we all know may never happen, at least not so long as she has a little money to burn on eBay and at photo shows. She does occasionally try to take pictures of her own, but mostly of the digital type, and wonders how the proliferation of digital images will change the vintage photo-collecting experience for future generations of collectors and dealers.   She can be found on flickr at

NICHOLAS OSBORN has been collecting snapshots for years and you can find some of his collection on facebook at

BILLY PARROTT is an artist, a collector, and a librarian, though almost never in that order. When not making art or collecting he is the Managing Librarian of the Art and Picture Collections of the Mid-Manhattan Branch of The New York Public Library. Some of his photo collection can be seen at His artwork can be seen at 

BROOKS PETERS For more than 25 years, Brooks Peters has been a writer and editor based in New York. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines, ranging from Architectural Digest and Art and Antiques to Opera News and Out Magazine. Prior to opening his antiquarian bookstore, Brooks Books, in the Hudson Valley, he was Editor in Chief of Quest Magazine, covering New York’s high-powered social and cultural scene. Before that he was a Senior Writer of Architecture and Design at Metropolitan Home; travel columnist for Mirabella; Contributing Editor of Travel and Leisure; and Contributing Reporter at Vanity Fair where he collaborated with Diana Vreeland on a monthly column. He has also written about music and the arts for The Village Voice, Interview, Stagebill, Playbill, Newsday, Los Angeles and Aspen magazines. His literary blog -- An Open Book at -- attracts a large readership from across the globe.

IAN PHILLIPS grew up in northern Canada. He has participated in a multitude of winter sports, including: skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, tobogganing, figure skating, ice-hockey, and harpoon-toss. His favourite holiday is the Winterlude and he hopes one day to meet the Bonhomme. You can see some of his swimming photos here:

JIM RADKE  dreamed of being an archaeologist as a boy. He also loved snapping photos with his Kodak Pocket Instamatic. These two passions collided many years later when he found himself unearthing hidden treasures while digging through boxes of snapshots at early morning flea markets. Both a collector and dealer, he mainly sells on Ebay as Retrotreasures, and enjoys giving old photos new life in collections all over the world.

DAVID RHEINGOLD has an active passion for photography, both in creating art as well as collecting vernacular photography. His art and vernacular photography is on Flickr ( ). He is the founder and co-producer of Salon Ciel (, an organization promoting emerging artists, especially photographers. He is also a board member for the Organization of Independent Artists ( ). He is a managing partner of the Rheingold law firm in New York City ( His focus in collecting vernacular photography is on photographs which are graphic, lyrical or enigmatic, especially if they might be mistaken for a well known photographer's oeuvre. He spends time scanning, photoshopping and enlarging photographs, rescuing lost people and events from dusty obscurity.

RANDALL de RIJK is a photographer and a collector of all things photographical. In his own words: "Ever since I can remember, about 6-7 years old I guess, I've had cameras. My first one was acquired through Bazooka Bubble Gum Comics. I had to collect so many to get the camera (plastic.) I can't remember the film, maybe 126, but I still have photos I took with it. So far I have managed to stay clear from digital, although I do have a phone with 7200 shots and videos on it. I prefer to use chrome film and have for two decade now; there's something about that color transparency that's held between thumb and index finger that feels right to me. Cameras: Minox, Holgas, Nikons, Leicas and Plaubel Makina 670. My favorite is my Nikon F3 HP - it's been all over the world. When I'm out people ask "Is that a film camera? Can you still buy film?" ("It's not an 8 Track for God's sake" I say.)"

JOEL ROTENBERG Joel Rotenberg has been collecting snapshots for nearly thirty years. He lives in New York.  You can find his article "The Art of the Snapshot," here:

MARK ROTENBERG - While Mark collects lots of things, he's been building the largest archive of vintage erotic photography in the US, now with about 110,000 pre-1960 images. He provides content for publishers, museums and filmmakers worldwide. Numerous books based on the archive have been published over the past 20 years.

RON SLATTERY is an obsessed collector from Chicago. he has curated the website Bighappyfunhouse - home of Found Photos and Free Pie - since 2004. Ron sells on eBay under the name bighappyfunhouse. If you are visiting Chicago, be sure to contact Ron. He has a standing offer to take any and all out for free pie. Damned good pie. 

PAT STREET has collected photographs and postcards for 20 years, and is now concentrating on antique images of children with their pets. She is a writer, editor, and artist -- and a longtime delighted customer of House of Mirth. Several of her collage pieces can be seen at 

PHIL STOREY has been collecting tintypes for 16 years. He has written for photohistory publications and presented at photohistorical seminars. At his day job, he works as a Sales Engineer for a software company.

MARK SULLO Mark Sullo has divided his loyalties between photography, art and music since a teenager. He began informally collecting vintage photographs in the early 80's, when you might find a baggie full for a quarter at Goodwill. In 1990 he co-founded Wall of Sound record store in Seattle, a destination source for unusual independent recordings of many varieties. He owned and managed the store until 2002. It is still open for business…. Over the years he has exhibited his photography and collage and worked freelance. He, relatively recently, returned to his interest in vintage, anonymous photography, as well as the history of photography. Having become aware of a wide network of collecting, he has increased this activity through buying and selling. All of the above is shared at the following links: blog: web page: eBay:

GUY CAPECELATRO III is a Landscaper, writer and musician who lives in Portsmouth, NH with his wife and cat and likes to stare at old photographs and make up little stories.

JOHN TOOHEY has been collecting for nearly 20 years and living in Istanbul for the last six years. He posts photos from his collection weekly at One Man's Treasure, and contributes regularly to Luminous Lint.

JOHN VAN NOATE has a collection of photographs, and occasionally he has something to say about one or another of them. He is perhaps more widely known as mrwaterslide, and you can find him on flickr here Once-upon-a-time, he hitchhiked across Canada to get to Woodstock. He has never voted for a Republican Presidential candidate. He is fitting out his Ark. 

ERIN WATERS started collecting photos when she was eight thanks to her dad's interest in daguerreotypes and his belief that a weekend spent antiquing all over New England is just what kids need. Over the years, she honed her eye and now has a large collection of all sorts of vernacular photographs. Some categories include: hand tinted photos, pre-Revolution Russian photos, Pocket Kodaks, photos showing a great painted backdrop, interiors, and whatever else catches her eye. While she has degrees specializing in Russian studies and museum studies and went on a Fulbright to Russia, she nevertheless followed her passion (obsession?) and decided to be a full-time photography dealer. She sets up at shows throughout the year and sells on her family's website (with her father and brother) and on eBay.

JANET WEST is a middle aged (if you plan on living to be over a hundred) kook who lives in White Plains, New York. She collects lots of things, including photography. She can be found almost every weekend, selling her wares in NYC at the antiques garage. Finding and selling things are her passion and she also loves to see what other people collect!

SHARI WILKINS found some of her first photographs on the railroad tracks in Lakewood, Ohio at the age of ten. Shari has collected photos since she can remember. Bitten by the photo collecting bug while visiting flea markets in the 1980's in Europe, she scored the best finds in Poland and West Berlin. And as the national sales rep for Celluloid Records and Rough Trade in the 1980's, she had plenty of time to sift through baskets & bags at vintage stores and thrift shops while traveling around the country, augmenting her archive. Realizing in 2010 that her collection was getting too large to handle, she began selling vintage/vernacular snapshots to local Cleveland collectors. With a father who was a professionally-trained amateur photographer, she was raised in front of and behind the camera. When she is not out buying snaps Shari can be found at the Cleveland Print Room. CPR is a community darkroom, educational center and gallery that focuses on hand-processed photography. Contact her at

ROBERT YOSKOWITZ  a Senior Professor at Union County College, is both an academic and visual artist who has collected photography for decades. Two noted publicacations that feature photos from his collection are Click! The Marvelous in American Vernacular Photography (New Jersey State Museum,2000), and Vernacular to the Masters: Photography of the Anonymous and the Celebrated (Lehigh University Art Galleries, 2007).  A number of photos from his collection where included in the Faking It exhibition.

BOB YOUNG is a longtime collector of vintage photographs, particularly images of men. He is the Public Services Librarian for the Arnold Bernhard Library at Quinnipiac University, in Hamden, CT. He may be contacted at